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Christy Star Leather Jacket - Off White/Denim

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Off White/Denim

Ahhh… the famous star jacket – highlighted in many cameos on tv and movies, this style announces she has arrived.  Made of 100% vegetable tanned and ethically produced lambskin leather, this jacket will catch the eye of many admirers.  Classic in off-white with light denim- you heard that right- REAL DENIM fabric stars and contrast. The seams are gently polished to ensure a distressed effect, the inside of the pockets, inside of the cuff zips and under the collar give a fabulous contrast pop of color!

Added details like the secured inside chest pockets and printing on the lining with positive messaging adds to the distinctiveness of this eyecatching style and promises to be a favorite go-to jacket for many years.

The fit is classified as an RF (regular fit) which is generally contemporary.  She may want to size up.